Hydromedia - Pervious Concrete

Hydromedia is a fast-draining concrete pavement that diverts stormwater from paved surfaces, sewer systems, and retention ponds, allowing the water to pass through its void structure and back into the ground below where it belongs.


  • Sustainable: Not only does the permeable technology recharge the ground water of which it drains, but being the concrete that it is, Hydromedia is built to withstand shifting commonly associated with permeable pavers; standing up to harsh freeze-thaw cycles
  • Safety: Provides a safe, wearable surface where water does not pool and freeze.
  • Aesthetics: Industry-leading permeable paving, offered in various colours and textures for the optimum balance between environmental performance and aesthetics for designers.
  • Economical: Eliminates costly stormwater management infrastructures, such as piping, infiltration galleries and inefficient use of land (retention ponds).
  • Workability: Placed in a short time span due to the limited amount of compaction required.


  • Commonly used in commercial parking lots, alley ways, courtyards, and walkways
  • Residential driveways, pathways, patios and pool decks

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